Bi-wiring Speakers………………some high-end speakers have 2 or more pairs of terminals on the back!

It enables an amp to provide bass to the woofer, and treble to the tweeter, but as standard, there’s a ‘bridge’ between them, so ‘normal’ users can just use standard twin cable speaker to either of the terminals.

Speaker post ‘bridges’

Some enthusiastic owners of bi-wireable speakers, remove the bridge, & either connect 2 sets of cables to the single set of terminals at the back of the amp, or use speaker system ‘B’ if the amp has them, to power the other set of speaker terminals.

It’s our opinion that, all it’s doing is to move the bridge from the speakers, to the back of the amp, or inside the amp. So we’re not convinced there’s any advantage.

Where use of the multiple speaker terminals is an advantage, is if you have twin stereo amps (or 4 mono-blocks) with an external cross-over to direct bass to the woofers & treble to the tweeters – now that’s serious stuff! This is not so much Bi-wiring, but Bi-Amping.

This is purely a summary of what all those extra terminals are on some of our hi-end speakers our customers buy from us. Unless you want to get into Bi-amping, just make sure the bridge between the terminals are securely in place – red are bridged together & black together – NEVER bridge red to black or you’ll blow your amplifier!