Your turntable connects into the ‘Phono’ inputs of the amplifier using the red’n’white RCA cables usually hardwired into the turntable – if the Tt has female RCAs at the rear, you’ll need male-to-male cables of about 1m long which we have in-stock. The red plug is right, the white(or sometimes black) is the left side. If there’s another small single wire or terminal, it’ll be the earth (or ground) wire which also needs to be attached to the Gnd terminal on the rear of the amp.

If there’s any hum coming from your Tt, this earth wire should eliminate it.

Next, the amp needs to be connected to the speakers. On the rear of the amp, there’ll be 1 or 2 pairs of speaker terminals – if you only have 1 pair of speakers, use speaker system 1 (or ‘A’). They’ll be labelled ‘Left’ & ‘Right’ for the appropriate speaker, with ‘+’ and ‘-‘ and red is always positive which goes to the positive (red) terminal on the speaker.

Quality speaker cable identifies (with a stripe or lettering or something!) one side of the cable so you know which is positive at the other end. These terminals at both the amp & speaker can be thumb nail screws, spring clips, or maybe ‘Banana’ plugs which also facilitate a screw down type – it’s essential that there is no chance of a ‘short’ across these speaker wires, either at the amp or speakers as it’ll blow the amp & that can be costly. Make sure they are attached firmly with no renegade bits of wire hanging out – once attached, give ’em a gentle tug to ensure they won’t fall out & have a final check before powering up the amp. If you can’t see properly, as these connections are often in dark corners, get a torch!

HINT: if wrapping exposed copper cable around screw type terminals, twist the copper strands together to eliminate ‘renegade’ bits sticking out & curve these ends clockwise around the terminals, so when the screw is tightened clockwise, it grabs the wire, rather than throwing it out.

So, it’s time to power up the amp, but first, check all the facia controls – speaker switches should be off, volume down, Loudness off, tone controls to flat, Tape monitors off – in other words, everything off!

Then, turn on the power, wait a few seconds, turn on the speaker switch, wait another couple of seconds, & bring up the volume gently to see if there’s any hum, which can highlight any wiring problems. Next, volume back down, put a record the Tt, select ‘Phono’ on the amp, & gently bring the volume. Use the Balance control to ensure you have both channels, then investigate the tone controls to your preference.

If there are any issues (drop-out, scratchy controls……) work the switches & knobs, as we all need a massage some times to get going again. A different source (like an iPod) into an ‘Aux’ input can help with trouble shooting.



It is a bit of fun too….


BANANA PLUGS – for amplifiers or Speaker boxes

If your amp or speakers accommodate banana plugs, the sockets will look like this:


Speaker terminalsBanana                      


Usually, these types of terminals will also allow for bare-wire connection, the red/black covers un-screw. Note that the sockets in the right pic has a little black cap covering the whole – these just pop-out to expose the socket for the banana plug.

Banana plugs look like this:


Note that they are colour coded.

These are just a sample of what is available – we stock stock sets of 4 from AU$33 per set.