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Welcome to Classic HiFi – and we are exactly that – we source, test, service and sell classically styled amplifiers, turntables & speakers from the 70s-80s….…………………….the ‘Golden Era’ of High Fidelity.

Our shop front is situated in cosmopolitan Newtown, in Sydney’s Inner West, the epicenter of the vinyl revival where there are also a score of new & used record stores, many of whom, we have referral processes in place.

If you are not able to visit the store, wonder through this site, and if you find something that interests you, use our email link, identify the item to us, and we will provide whatever help is necessary. We will do our best to keep the on-line range of products up to date. Payment facilities include direct transfer to our bank account, credit card facilities are available in-store and over the phone, and for international buyers, Paypal is preferred.

We are not a home theatre store but specialize in stereo only – silver fronted amplifiers, retro turntables & quality pairs of speakers which can mount a sound-stage superior to any theatre set-up.

Our professional network includes records stores and service technicians.


The internet & Social Media can be ‘Good, Bad & Ugly’ – an amazing wealth of knowledge, and hey, you are here’n’now reading about us. Whilst we don’t prescribe to any of the ‘review & rating’ sites around, we have had feedback from customers expressing concern about some of the comments out there about us – those who know us (and there are many 1000’s) can’t understand some comments that have been made & remember Classic HiFi usually has no right of reply!

We’ve had a bit of a look around the web and yes, something needs to done – web savvy users take much of what is out there with ‘a grain of salt’ – the old adage, don’t believe everything that’s on the web! But there are many out there that don’t know us, & take it to heart.

We came across this one, completely independent & un-patronised, fairly recent, with an international perspective: Our site (Classic HiFi) has an international following in the 1000’s, and we believe, it has a very high profile globally, so this review (by those who know) is very much appreciated.

Now to the ugly….do a Google search for us & have a look at the right side panel ‘Google Review’ or follow this link:

A number of these ‘reviews’ are by the same guy acting as a keyboard warrior – yes we did take issue with him, quite rightly so. The way to address these negative reviews is to fight ‘fire with fire’ – if you feel that way inclined, by all means leave your own review & rating on us & with enough balanced feedback, we’ll get our one star rating up!

We do a lot of servicing, quite often on equipment the presenter has found on the street, bought un-seen on-line, or handed down, & occasionally it’s beyond help, but we go to extra-ordinary lengths beforehand before we give up – but some people just can’t accept it, and it’s all our fault!