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Static tonearm SAEC WE-407/23
Classic double knife edge tonearm.
Comes with SAEC 5pin DIN to RCA tonearm cable.


Effective length 233,0mm
Overhang 12,0mm
Cartridge weight range 20.0 – 33.5g (use W-7 weights)
Tonearm height adjustment 47,0mm – 70,0mm
Mounting hole 30mm.

Made in Japan.


Static tonearm SAEC WE-407/23

The WE-407/23 employs double knife-edge bearings like SME, but with far finer tolerances and superior build quality (just check out those machined bearing blocks!)

All adjustable; VTA (with built in reference scale), stylus pressure, antiskate via strung weight and lateral bias. The black alloy headshell too has reference notches for stylus overhang, double concealed knife edge bearings, beautiful hydraulic cueing complete with TOTL striated alloy lever.

This arm has the 134 gram counterweight and larger bias weight set and will do an excellent job with quality MM and MC carts alike, excellent tracking and zero bearing noise (no chatter at all). It comes with its original 5 pin Din to RCA cable.

Made in Japan.