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Highly sought after professional stereo pre-amp and mixer -it’s in excellent condition, an icon from Naka!



Solid (7kg) sloped back with rack handles, it’s silver fronted & metal case with numerous inputs/outputs as per the rear as photographed in our listing.

This stereo pre-amp is a state-of-the-art, as it allows 5 in/2 out mixing of any of 19 different inputs. This includes 5 wide-dynamic-range microphone inputs. it can mix two tape decks (stereo) plus centre channel voice onto a third tape deck, or two phono plus voice, or any combination of these sources. When live recording with two left, two right and one blend microphone inputs, live recording is at its best.

Made in Japan, recently serviced…ready to go!

Our 3 month warranty applies here at Classic Hi-Fi, Sydneys Newtown stereo systems specialists.

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