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Valve phono pre amp, MM/MC power supply, mint condition.

3 month guarantee.

Circa 2004

“Tube buffer Musical Fidelity X-10v3. Introduced for the first time in year 2004. Successor of the more popular X-10D. Connecting it, in between the source (ex. CD player) and the amplifier, makes the sound more tube-like. Using it between pre- / power amp solves the problem of impedance mismatch, if you suffer one. Loop output makes it possible to directly compare the sound with / without the buffer. Very nice feature, enjoyed playing with it. Furthermore, typical MF, simple but well finished casework. Solid chassis, fully made out of metal, plus a thick, brushed aluminum face plate. Aesthetically, the X-10v3 is a perfect match for the X-DACv3 digital to analogue converter and the X-PSUv3 power supply. Can be also matched with a X-CANv3 headphone amplifier, X-LPSv3phono stage or last but not least X-Rayv3 CD player.”