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Cartridge/Stylus Repairs

We offer a service where cartridge &/or stylii require repair – diamond stylus re-tipping for moving coil cartridges the most common requirement.



Over the years, time catches up with cartridges & stylii, although accidental damage can occur when loading a new cartridge!

Diamond tip wear can be creep up on the most articulate ear without being noticed, ‘muddying’ the audio re-production causing damage to a treasured record collection. Under magnification, we can inspect your stylus  – a free service.

Cantilevers (the stem where the diamond is mounted) can gradually be bent to one side from poorly set-up tonearms and cantilever suspension can weaken or become brittle.

Most Moving Magnet cartridges that have re-moveable needles can easily be re-fitted with a new stylus, but those with fixed style stylii and all Moving Coil cartridges need specialist repair services.

It can be a costly exercise, so only the more expensive cartridges would be worth spending the AU$400 minimum outlay.