Whilst all our classic amps have ‘Phono’ inputs for turntables, the same can’t be said for modern amps.Lots of audio manufacturers dropped ‘phono’ inputs on amplifiers in the 90’s – they thought vinyl had gone away……….silly them!Consequently, we get lots of enquiries on how to connect turntables to amps that have nothing more than ‘Aux’ inputs, even on Home Theatre Receivers.Yes, there’s an easy fix.It’s called a ‘Phono Pre-Amplifier’ – a little powered unit that equalizes & boosts turntable output via the standard RCA sockets from the turntable for input into any ‘Aux’ input of any amplifier. Typically, this is what they look like:For those of you who are struggling to hear a decent reproduction of your vinyl, it will be dawning of a new era! It’ll make your records sound awesome!From as little as $88 for the entry level unit, they are worth every cent.Here’s the link to ours:’s also another version of this entry level Phono Pre-amp – it also has a switchable Phono/Aux input to preserve the Aux input taken up by this Pre-amp, so you don’t loose that input!Here’s the link: course, there are many higher end versions & without going berserk (they can go up to the $1000’s) the ProJect Pre-amps which we stock, carry our recommendation for those who want that little bit more from their vinyl.The ‘Phono Box II’ is the next step up (at $249) with MM/MC capability for those who might want to investigate the world moving coil cartridges at some stage:Next, there’s the ‘Phono Box USB’ ($279) with all of the above plus a USB output for direct connection to a computer:

Finally, in the Project range there’s the 2x valve version ‘Tube Box’ ($599) to engender that beautiful warmth that only valves can:

Over and above, we stock the likes of Michell, Creek, Musical Fidelity, Ortofon, QED.


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