Want to work out where your LP12 sits in the heirach? The serial numbers are on the label on the back of your deck & are listed here in brackets after each entry.

1972, LP12 turntable introduced.

1974, Main-bearing liner changed. Sub-chassis strengthened by addition of strap, spot-welded in place. Motor control circuit changed from terminal strip to small printed circuit board. Mains switch changed from two buttons to single with mains neon. [s/n 2,000]

1978, Top plate modified adding two holes for 6 x 0.5 self-tappers into wood block. [23,000]

1979, Lid prop removed, hinges changed to spring loading. [27,000]

1981, Nirvana mechanical components. [32,826]

1982, May. Valhalla crystal-driven electronic power supply made standard. [38,794]

1984, Enlarged plinth corner bracing. [53,000]

1984, Sub-chassis strengthening bar epoxy glued instead of spot-welded. [54,101]

1985, August. Cap head screws on bearing housing. [60,383]

1985, September. Diode modification to Valhalla board [61,090]

1985, December. Strengthening blocks on corners of plinth.

1986, May. New clear lid.

1986, Suspension springs improved.

1987, March. New bearing housing, New Formica and MDF arm-board. [69,161]

1987, April. New springs. [69,591]

1987, Bearing improved with better lining material and tighter tolerances. Change to black oil. Suspension springs ground to improved tolerance. Arm board composition improved. [70,000]

1989, Motor thrust pad changed. Valhalla surge guard modification. PCB mains lead (UK). [79,700]

1989, New medium density arm-board, laminated top and bottom. [79,160]

1989, Harder suspension grommets fitted. [81,000]

1990, External Lingo power supply available as add-on.

1991, motor thrust pad cap added to Lingo models. [87,047]

1991, Valhalla board with 45RPM capability added [87,047]

1991, motor thrust pad cap added to Valhalla models. [87,206]

1991, Introduction of LP12 Basik, a stripped down version of the turntable [87,672]

1991, Solid base board replaces hardboard. [87,672]

1991, Trampoline base board with isolating feet available as an option [87,672].

1992, Improved top plate fixing. [88,950]

1993, Cirkus upgrade (larger and better machined inner platter and new bearing, new springs, arm-board, belt) fitted as standard. [90,582]

2000, 4th bolt added near motor on top plate, fitted as standard. Required extra cross beam on plinth.

2001, New motor used (first new motor since original 1972).

2002, Maple plinth introduced adding to existing black, walnut, rosewood and afromosia options.