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To open in early 2018…

Setting up operations in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, Program Records have employed state-of-the-art WarmTone presses which are manufactured by Toronto based Viryl Technologies.

Using the first ever integrated machine software for the record pressing industry, ADAPT control software is said to provide powerful insight on machine performance and will allow Program Records to provide consistent high quality and a fast turnaround time.

WarmTone provides the fastest cycle time in the world, less waste, no manual intervention, modern reliability and real-time business analytics. We want to make great records, support the Australian music scene and have fun along the way.

Steve Lynch from Program Records told StereoNET:

Lynch’s background is in selling records. He said the new company will focus on supporting the local music scene backed by a data driven and highly efficient production facility.

All processes will be kept in-house thanks to the inclusion of a new plating and stamper making system along with experienced mastering and lacquer cutting on a mint Neumann lathe.

Lynch continued: We will be taking all sized orders and can handle any order, big or small. Initially we will offer 12” in 140 gram and 180 gram. We also plan to introduce 7” and 10“ formats later in 2018.

Program Records wants to make it easier for local artists to release their music on vinyl. They offer a full service which is as simple as providing your mastered audio files and artwork and they do the rest. They first cut a lacquer master and then make the metal stampers needed to go into the press. Once that’s done they send the artist test pressings and artwork proofs.

StereoNET looks forward to taking a first-hand look at the Program Records facilities nearer their completion.