Firstly, you need to understand what types there are:

There’s the ‘Pre-Amp’ – simply it’s a the switch box selector (phono/tuner/tape/aux) with the ability to manipulate the sound with knobs such as treble/bass/volume.

Here’s an image of a Pre-amp & Power amp:

December-16-2010-022      December-16-2010-034

The Pre-amp sends the audio to a Power Amp which amplifies the sound (this is where the ‘grunt’ is provided). The Power amp drives the speakers.

Then there’s the Integrated amp – The Pre-amp & the Power amp, integrated into one box!


Finally there’s the Receiver – an Integrated amp with a radio tuner built in – in Classic HiFi’s context, that means an AM/FM radio.

If you think you may want to listen to the radio, get a receiver, they are beautiful to behold. They are easily identified as they have a radio ‘dial’ across the front panel.

Most of our customers choose an integrated amp or a receiver – they both accept Turntables as a source, as well as iPods, CD or DVD players, even audio from your TV or computer.