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Unfortunately due to Covid19 we have now come to the point where we are having to reduce our hours. We will not be opening Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for the foreseeable future. We will open Friday, Saturday & Sunday only 10am to 6pm.

Please check this website or social media pages for further updates re opening & closing times.



If you’re aware of any other up-coming events that would interest our followers, let us know….


A comprehensive guide to where all the vinyl shops are in Sydney – a must for the vinyl collector, whether new or used, singles or LPs.

The website launched on 20th April 2013 (, TBA of new version for 2020, but we still have 2019 version available in store – participating Record Stores already have the handy guide maps – available free! You can also download the map & key from that site.




 Yes, we provide that service…we use very high quality audio equipment for the best possible transfer and Mac computers which produce audio CDs for any CD player.

Cost of the CD is $2, then add our labour rate of $90 per hour calculated on the music time of the recording, plus 2 minutes per track, plus 10mins for CD burning.

A typical 30min LP/cassette with 10 tracks costs AU$92.

If you provide your own flash drive, saving the need for the CD, you’ll save $17.



We provide a valuation service for $25 per item. We would like the item to be presented to the store, but if the tyranny of distance prevails, an adequate description for our needs is required together with close-up images. We are a specialist store unique to Australia, even globally, and are familiar with most 70s-80s stereo components and the values thereof.

A ‘Certificate of Valuation’ will be provided – may be useful for Insurance purposes.

Vinyl Revival


It is now commonly accepted that high end reproduction of vinyl, out-performs the digital equivalents – let alone the joy of savoring every part of the album cover whilst listening. What about the ‘ceremony’ of taking the 12” record out of the cover & the plastic sleeve, placing it on the turntable, wiping off dust & static, lifting the arm onto the record & hearing that ‘click’ as the needle settles on the intro groove.

You’ll enjoy the album in it’s entirety, as the artist intended – a downloaded track quickly dis-appears into the computers library, probably never to be heard again! Your records are unique, can’t be copied perfectly, and are the most precious part of your musical experience – do not play them on ‘bull-dozering’ heavy, record players which permanently destroy the clarity of the music. An investment into a quality Turntable is a wise move indeed.

We’d bet that we know the answer to this question – you’ll remember your first record purchase, but what about your first download?


Limited headphones available in store.


Whilst sales of HiFi equipment is the main part of our business, we do get enquiries from the public about servicing. We therefore offer the service through our team of technicians, specialists in their field, but only on products consistent with our product listings.

Please note, WE DO NOT have Technicians on site. All work is carried out offsite and our qualified technicians are based 4 hours from Sydney.

There are some items we cannot service so please ask regarding exemptions.

Lodgement for repair/service is available throughout our trading hours.

We’re quite upfront about whether a unit is worth spending money on and our advice is free. If the component is left with us for repair, there is a non-refundable deposit of $145 per unit, payable before we proceed.

We do have a technician who can repair speakers but this mainly happens offsite, please enquire before bringing speakers in for repair.

A final quote for repair is not practicable as further analysis of the issue requires dismantling & once the technician has gone that far, it makes sense to attend to the issue there & then. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we’ll proceed up to about $350 without reference back to you, although you can change that limit on lodgement.

If we contact you due to the expectation by the technician that the limit will be exceeded, and you choose not to proceed, your deposit is not refundable.

That deposit is rebated against the cost of the repair which is payable on collection – there’s usually a 4-6 week turn around if it is a simple fix, otherwise if parts have to be ordered/sourced from overseas it will take longer. If this happens we will make contact with you.

Note: Any non-compliant power plugs/cords (including adaptors) will be replaced.

Note also, that if the unit is not repairable, your deposit is not refundable.

All our service work carries a 3 month warranty on the work performed commencing from the date you are advised that the job is ready for collection.

Appreciate that storage in Newtown is very limited and any un-collected goods after 3 weeks of being advised that it is ready for collection, will be moved off-site incurring transport and storage charges. In an effort to re-coup our expended costs, after 3 months, we reserve the right to offer the unit for sale.


We’ve all but given up on stocking/servicing CD players as inevitably the repairs cost more than the units are worth.

Usually it’s drive motors or laser pickups & they are all worth $100s for parts only.

The most difficult repairs are those that involve infrastructure parts, like trays, switches etc as they are not available as replacement parts & the only way is to find other identical units being dismantled – a tall order.

The higher end the CD player, the more difficult.

To a lesser extent, Cassette decks are proving challenging, so we tend to concentrate on turntables, our initial focus anyway – records tend to keep over decades better than Cassettes & even CDs.



 Disclosure: if we inadvertently breach any copyright material anywhere on this site and you are the owner thereof, please contact us directly and we will take immediate action to your satisfaction.



  • Our stock has been selectively acquired by Classic HiFi, tested extensively & serviced where necessary.
  • All stock are genuinely original, used, quality components from decades past and are offered for sale as inspected by you – you cannot expect them to be in new condition.
  • All our products carry our 3 month warranty, but coverage does not extend to mis-use, in-appropriate connections, or consumables such as amplifier facia globes, valve tubes and turntable styli or belts.
  • You are encouraged to audition in-store, as exchanges are only agreed to within the first 2 weeks after purchase for major faults undetected by our servicing regime. If repair cannot be completed within a reasonable time a refund is available on production of our Tax Invoice issued to you at the time purchase.
  • We encourage you to attend to your own installations as we assist in-store with set-up advice.
  • If you require shipping, you understand that whilst we do our best to pack, and that we cannot be held responsible for items damaged in-transit.
  • A minimum deposit of 20% is required to reserve stock for you, and the maximum term for payment in full is 3 months. After 3 months, uncollected goods will be returned to stock and deposit funds will be held as a store credit for 12 months.
  • Any order cancellations prior to delivery or collection, incur a 20% fee, levied against the gross price.