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Thorens TD- 160

Classic stereo belt drive turntable in super Nice condition, anti-skate, 33/45, Belt drive, removable head-shell, 2 piece thick alloy Platter, Shure cartridge and new stylus, also comes with clear dust cover and in 9.5/10 condition….


All Time Classic…highly desirable & becoming increasingly hard to find.

This deck has been loved, hardly used in exceptionally original condition – even the lid with original hinges which are nearly always broken.

Anti-skate, thick 2 piece alloy platter, plays 33/45, comes with a Shure cartridge and a new stylus, has platter/arm suspension, removable head-shell.

Queing lowers & raises the arm onto the record, fully adjustable tracking weight & anti-skate for exact calibration adjustment.

Removable Perspex lid & headshell for cartridge/stylus maintenance.

On-board 45 alloy adapter for those singles with a BIG hole!

RCA connections to the phono-input in your amp with ground wire to eliminate background hum.

Recently serviced, lubricated with quality synthetic oil, new belt & stylus fitted.…ready to go!

Our 3 month warranty applies here at Classic Hi-Fi, Sydneys Newtown stereo systems specialists.

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This TT wont last in our shop she is a good looker and a great performer….