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Servicing Classic HiFi Components

Yes, we do provide a servicing & repair service for components consistent with our product range.
An up-front deposit is payable, but note we  cannot quote jobs in advance.
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Whilst sales of HiFi equipment is the main part of our business, we do get enquiries from the public about servicing. We therefore offer the service through our team of technicians, specialists in their field, but only on products consistent with our product listings. We are unable to service all-in-one amp/cassette/player type units and B&O componentry.

Lodgement for repair/service is mostly available during week days, Tues-Fridays, but if that doesn’t work for you, weekends is OK too. During week days we will have more time to serve you better!

We’re quite upfront about whether a unit is worth spending money on and our advice is free, but on-the-spot testing and analysis is charged at our standard labour rate of $90/hour (minimum is $15). If the component is left with us for repair, there is a non-refundable deposit of at least $120 per unit, payable before we proceed…reel-to-reel tape decks are $200 deposit due to age & complexity!

A final quote for repair is not practicable as further analysis of the issue requires dismantling the unit & once the technician has gone that far, it makes sense to attend to the issue there & then. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we’ll proceed up to about $350 without reference back to you, although you can change that limit on lodgement.

If we contact you due to the expectation by the technician that the limit will be exceeded, and you choose not to proceed, the deposit is not refunded.

That deposit is rebated against the cost of the repair which is payable on collection – there’s usually a 2-3 week turn around, unless parts have to be ordered in.

Note also, that if the unit is not repairable, the deposit is not refundable.

All our service work carries a 3 month warranty on the work performed commencing from the date you are advised that the job is ready for collection.

Appreciate that storage in Newtown is very limited and un-collected goods after 3 weeks of being advised that it is ready for collection, will be moved off-site incurring transport and storage charges. In an effort to re-coup our expended costs, after 3 months, we reserve the right to offer the unit for sale.