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1358596895.Linn LP12


Belt drive turntable with a formidable reputation for excellence. Beautiful walnut timber plinth from UKs golden HiFi era. Close to mint condition.


Linn Sondek LP12 with Basik Plus tonearm, in ‘as new’ condition, serial number 065975.

Queing lowers & raises the arm onto the record, fully adjustable tracking weight & anti-skate for exact calibration adjustment.

Removable Perspex lid & headshell for cartridge/stylus maintenance.

RCA connections to the phono-input in your amp with ground wire to eliminate background hum.

Up-Graded plinth with corner bracing.

Made in UK, recently serviced, lubricated with quality Linn black synthetic oil, new Linn drive belt & new DENON 103 MC cartridge fitted.…ready to go!

Since its introduction over 30 years ago the Sondek LP12 has been the turntable by which all others are judged and each component has been continuously improved to extract even more information from a vinyl record.

At the heart of the Sondek LP12 is Linn’s patented, low-noise, single-point bearing. This advanced yet simple bearing design ensures the smooth motion of the turntable and eliminates noise to ensure that all you hear is the music.

The high mass, perfectly balanced, belt-driven platter maintains speed stability, while the solid wood plinth, suspended sub-chassis and stable arm platform combine to provide freedom from vibration and acoustic feedback.

The combination of these precision-engineered components creates a turntable with an unequalled ability to provide pitch accurate, faithful reproduction of your cherished vinyl collection.

Should you require shipping, we have an original LP12 carton with poly inserts to facilitate a safe journey.

Our 3 month warranty applies here at Classic Hi-Fi, Sydneys Newtown stereo systems specialists.

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